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From the desk of Lawrence Rouse

Lorton, VA

When it comes to Return on Investment, there are few (if any) Marketing and Advertising strategies that are as powerful as a well executed Search Engine Optimization Campaign. Making it a total no-brainer for any business owner that understands it’s value.

Our business model at Go For Gold SEO revolves around that one truth: How do we make working with us the no-brainer it should be for every single one of our clients?

The answer is both simple and counter-intuitive..

BEFORE we move forward and see HOW our Services may be of help to you, we need to find out IF Search Engine Optimization is the right move for your business in the first place.

That’s right.

Our SEO services are NOT for everyone!


There’s a good chance some of you reading this right now aren’t in the best place to benefit from our Search Engine Optimization. Here are some of the most common red flags we come across..

1. You Need Results RIGHT NOW!!

Search Engine Optimization is a process.

Let me say that again..

Search Engine Optimization is A PROCESS.

Depending on how much work needs to be done and how tough the competition is, getting to a point where you start seeing tangible results can take time. Usually months. Anyone telling you otherwise is either lying to you or doing something to your website that’s most likely going to burn you in the long run.

If you’re not currently in a situation where you can afford to wait a few months in order to 5x, 10x, or even 20x your business.. then our SEO services aren’t the right move for you right now. And that’s OK!

There are plenty of other options out there if you’re looking for a more immediate, but smaller, bang for your buck. If you’d like, we can even help point you in the right direction.

We have a handful of partners whom we work closely with that excel in attracting less quality leads in a shorter time frame.

2. You Secretly Want To Be An SEO Specialist Yourself.

This might come across a bit blunt, but we find that it does need to be said early (and sometimes often)..

WE are the experts here when it comes to this particular topic. That’s why Clients pay us the big bucks!

If you have a habit of micromanaging Consultants and Companies you hire to work on your behalf, then chances are this won’t be a good fit.

I only say this because in order for us to do our job effectively, there needs to be a level of trust and understanding in place. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to blindly put your trust in us from the beginning. We’ll work to gain that trust by showing you things about your business no one has ever shared with you before once you fill out the form below.

For now, all that we ask is that you respect our expertise moving forward. As it comes from countless hours being dedicated to Research and Development in order to find out what’s working right now in our field. For a little social proof concerning our track record, check out our Testimonials page.

If you’re looking for an Agency to outsource your SEO to, chances are, this is not something you want to have to focus on yourself. Which is why delegating is such a beautiful thing.

But if you’re not open to letting us handle this aspect of your Marketing autonomously, even once we’ve proven our competence. Then it’s for the best if we don’t move forward from here. For the sake of both of our sanities.

3. Questionable Business Practices

Not only is it going to be much easier to see results if you already have a product and service that people love. But I personally refuse to work with anyone who doesn’t offer genuine value to the communities they serve.

As Search Marketers, we have the power to put the proverbial spotlight on any business we choose. It would be a disservice to pretty much everyone involved if we chose to place shady companies on that pedestal. Not to mention the damage that associating with these types of businesses would inevitably cause our reputation.

What we’re looking for are WIN/WIN/WIN Scenarios. Where OUR CLIENTS win by growing their business, WE WIN by working with amazing Clients, and THE CONSUMER WINS by getting better access to quality businesses.

In short: We reserve the right to work with only the best and those who are genuinely doing their best.

That’s it!

If you were able to get to get to this point without any red flags going off, then we’re here to help!

Below are a series of questions which will help us determine whether or not SEO is the right choice for you right now and if it is, to create a custom Campaign for your business. This is a FREE service we provide potential Clients we believe are likely to benefit from the information.

(Hence, the hoops you had to jump through to get here 🙂 )

Once you receive your complimentary Video Analysis, you will have the chance to speak with us on the phone about your results (also FREE).

All of this is part of that trust building process I mentioned earlier. By the end of the call, you will have a complete plan for improving your Online Presence. With the guarantee that if you don’t find the insights we provide you during this process valuable, I will personally write you a check for $500 as an apology for having wasted your time.

No one has yet to take me up on that offer, as we always make sure to bring much more value to the table than that $500 check would be worth.

From there, if you choose to, we can also discuss how our Expert Team can implement your new plan FOR YOU. 100% hands off.

Either way, we want you to come out of this winning.

No manipulative sales pitches.

No “hard closes”.

Just value.

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