Working with Lawrence has been a treat. He’s definitely one of the good ones when it comes to developing business’ reputation online!

Betsy Burke

There aren’t many people I trust to advise me on matters of SEO but Lawrence definitely makes that list. I strongly advice any business owners who are looking to grow their business to work with him if they get the chance.

Jason Croft

I have worked with Lawrence on numerous occasions over the years, and he always manages to impress me!

Khaled Soliman

Lawrence has a tremendous amount of experience in SEO and will get your website ranking to increase traffic to your site! I highly recommend his services and know he does a great job. Thx! Jenn

Jennifer Edwards

I highly recommend Lawrence for driving qualified leads to businesses. He will get your company the ROI it deserves. He is driven by results and pays attention to every detail. He also happens to be a Google Partner which further adds to his knowledge of ranking any keyword.

Tab Winner

Hi Lawrence! I just wanted to drop you a recommendation and thank you for your personal adjustments on our video campaigns. Have a nice weekend!

Bryn van Nuissenburg

Unparalleled opportunities are two words that Lawrence Rouse will create with his SEO skills. He displays a consistent and systematic thinking process when it comes to Google. Lawrence’s Google certifications will assure that your company gets the right attentions from google. He is clever and imaginative when confronted with marketing obstacles. Lawrence Rouse of Go For Gold SEO is recommended.

George Near

Lawrence is a Google ranking machine. As a fellow SEO expert, I can easily say that he is one of the few experts around at this time and he has in my books established himself at a prestigious level. I highly recommend working with him if you are looking to increase online traffic to your business. Thanks Lawrence!

Jun Kim

Lawrence is absolutely amazing. He is amongst the best I know in his field and has helped many other companies achieve success, including mine. He is one of the top people I look up to for mentoring and is an innovator in his work. It’s nearly unbelievable the help he has provided to others and I have had the amazing privilege of receiving 1 on 1 mentoring from Lawrence in the past, as well as currently still receiving weekly coaching from him which provides me with massive advantage to keep my company ahead in my field. It is truly a blessing to have him around.

Peter Hawkens

Lawrence is on the cutting edge of SEO and internet marketing. He knows how to get sites ranked on page 1 of Google and capture new business for you that you would not have had otherwise. He has also mastered the skill of optimizing business’ internet presence and brand awareness to the point of pulling potential customers away from their competition. He was great to work with and brought passion and hard work every day. I would not hesitate to work with him again.

Jessica Robinson

Lawrence is a machine when it comes to SEO. He really knows how to rank the most difficult keyword and drive a ton of new organic traffic to your website. Expect your reputation online to be maintained and promoted and an increased engagement with your company from your customer across all your social platforms.

David Murphy

Lawrence knows SEO inside out and shows proof to rank business websites. His attitude toward his clients and his own agency is the reason for his success and I highly recommend his service.

Udai Hoshi

Working with Lawrence was an awesome experience. I learned a lot from him. The most important thing I learned however was that this guy does not play when it comes to ranking sites. Lawrence knows exactly how to navigate his way through the competition and get the top spot for his clients. If you want to boost your rankings he will get you to #1.

Victor Calderon

Lawrence’s ability to rank any business’s website on the first page of Google is elite compared to global competition. He is one proven professional in his field and will successfully generate more paying customers for any business!

Jonathan Coco

Working with Lawrence was a real pleasure, he is a true professional. His knowledge of SEO and internet marketing is top-notch. I’m always surprised by how much I learn from him. I recommend him for all SEO and consulting related work.

Steven Clark

Outside of being a top notch expert at SEO, Lawrence has an infectious gravity about his desire, determination and ability to drive impactful change within his community. It’s with this unique passion that Lawrence delivers a rock-solid ROI on each advertising project his team handles. He’s a true SEO maestro at amplifying leads and sales through his innovative digital marketing strategies. If you have a desire to create a positive social impact through your business, then you MUST lock arms with Lawrence and the entire team at Go for Gold SEO.

Robert McCann

Lawrence is extremely quick and effective with his work. He has met his milestones and very thorough. Throughout the past 3 months working with Lawrence I learned that I can count on him with a simple phone call. I am gonna definitely keep him on my team of highly effective partners.

Luke Gray

Lawrence has a deep knowledge of SEO and online marketing. I have seen for myself his skills at work. He will get your business top of the search rankings for Google and other search engines. He also delivers great customer service and works with you closely to achieve your goals. If you want your business to grow and increase revenues significantly, hire Lawrence. His powerful SEO techniques and skills are outstanding.

Bill Raup

Lawrence has some amazing SEO knowledge. I was surprised by his ability to deliver rankings on a very short period of time. He is also a very easy person to work with. I recommend working with Lawrence if you are looking for a great SEO expert.

Josue Aceves

Lawrence is a superstar of his industry. He is always experimenting and knows things about SEO that nobody else does. There are countless SEO “experts” out there constantly spouting their opinions about how SEO should be done, but Lawrence backs up his reputation with real, verifiable results. I highly recommend Lawrence!

Linden Schwark

Lawrence is a true SEO expert. He has his own proprietary method he uses which is very unique, especially because the results speak for themselves! He dominates the search engine rankings. I was blown away with everything i learned and the results my business got from trusting in his abilities. Highly recommend!

Jonny Crosthwaite
[Lawrence] is a mastermind when it comes to ranking in Google, PPC, SEM, CPC and Social Media Marketing. Working with him was a good experience along his tremendous set of skills he puts his heart in every task he was assigned to. I will definitely recommend him to any business that looks for a brighter future!

Mohamadi Tapsoba

If you’re looking for an expert at Search engine Optimization and digital marketing who you can trust, look no further. Working with Lawrence was by far one of the best decision i have made all year. His knowledge and ability to find opportunities where other dont put him on another level. Thank you Lawrence.

Mufasa Dabbagh

Lawrence was a life saver when I was stuck with a big SEO issue for a whole week. That whole week seemed like a lifetime in our business. I called Lawrence and he worked over the weekend for us. Big thanks for Lawrence.

Johnny Chen

I have nothing but praise and thanks for Lawrence and the Go for Gold team. They constantly over-deliver, provide value, and keep communication easy and seamless. One of the best SEO companies I have had the pleasure of working with. Highly recommended.

Devin Schumaker

Lawrence is one of the best SEOs I’ve met — and truly delivers as promised. I was blown away by the work he did on our site and online properties, and I’d work with him again in a heartbeat. If revenue online is what you need, contact Lawrence today!

Scottie Schneider

Lawrence is an expert when it comes to ranking websites in Google. I learned so much about how to get more traffic to websites from Lawrence. My advice to any business owner who is considering hiring him is to jump on the opportunity as soon as possible, you will not be disappointed.

Michael Baugh

Since we started working with Lawrence and his team we’ve been able to get our industry keywords ranking #1 on both Google and Bing for our website. He is professional and an expert in his field. I highly recommend using his services.

Bobby Mithchell

The Go For Gold SEO team is a ranking machine. If you want your customers to know you are indeed the prominent solution provider in your market, then you’ve found the right group of people to work with.

Stephen Love

If you want to be on the front page of Google, look no further than Lawrence. He ranks business websites on the front page of Google for a living. He’s always on the cutting edge of SEO, and it’s been a joy seeing him grow as a marketing professional. Having known Lawrence for the past couple of years, I’ve known him to be hard working, driven, and committed to excellence. For your search engine marketing needs, contact Lawrence Rouse.

John Victoria

Whether your company is in a highly competitive niche or not, Lawrence is your man! He knows all the ins and outs of search engine optimization and will get your company’s site in the position to take maximum advantage of all available traffic. I don’t know of anyone else that I would trust my company’s online reputation with. Lawrence knows how to make your website’s reputation sing!

Jeremie Carroll

Lawrence at Go For Gold SEO is innovative, resourceful, professional and results driven. When looking for a company to rely upon to get you to the top of Google, Lawrence knows exactly what it takes and how important it is for a business to be on the first page. An ever increasing amount of your customers are relying on their mobile devices and Google to find you. Lawrence can get you in front of those eyes.

Sally Sutton

When it comes to SEO, Lawrence is a true talent. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has the team to get the job done better than anyone else. He demonstrates a great combination of skills and commitment, delivering extraordinary results. He strives to constantly improve his SEO practices and strategies in order to deliver the best results for his clients in the shortest amount of time possible. Working with him was fun and productive. I strongly recommend Lawrence’s services to anyone who needs an expert for search engine marketing.

Donna Wright

Lawrence is great at what he does. I cannot recommend his services highly enough. He is great to work with and will deliver results of very high quality.

Petr Kadlec

Lawrence was recommended to me by a close friend. We worked alongside each other on a project recently, what I enjoyed most about working with Lawrence was his infectious personality and his desire to achieve. He opened my eyes a lot and taught me many tricks and skills which I will implement myself in the future. I recommend him massively.

Anthony Beevor

Lawrence has been trained by the top SEO business owners in the world. He truly is an online marketing expert and possesses the skills to effectively execute your SEO marketing needs. Highly recommended.

Nicole Lalonde